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Khutze Inlet Warm Springs


Many people have had trouble finding the Springs, but they exist. From the head of the khutze Inlet, kayak or hike up the south side of the River. Before the downstream end of the Rapids in the River, about 3 km from the head of the inlet. If you don’t find the springs near the coordinates given at the top, try looking up River for a few hundred yards, they are definitely downriver from the first significant side Creek coming from the south. The three small Springs issue from the river gravel about ten shows of the bank the water is lukewarm and has no sulphur smell. The content of dissolved minerals, mostly sulphate and sodium, is low. Be prepared for bushy travel to this spring. It’s Prime Grizzly habitat, particularly in the fall when the salmon are running. The trip is probably best done when the River is low, like in the spring or early fall, since the Springs might be flooded with high water. Some voters have reported spring water bubbling for the bottom of the River in the lower reaches. In the 1920s, there was interest in some gold properties further up the River the miners built and Narrow Gauge real way up the valley but interest soon dissipated. You can still see traces of the Railway as you hike up River.






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