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Eucott Bay Hot Springs


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One of the largest and most popular springs on the coast, the Eucott Bay Hot Springs offers good anchorage for Watercraft. The odorless springs have been enveloped by natural boulders and concrete slabs placed by locals working at the former mill site at Ocean Falls. The Eucott Bay Hot Springs, Like Nearby Nascall Hot Springs, reach a temperature of 44°C (111°F). While soaking in the pools, you can spot whales in the Dean Channel or hear the howl of a Central Coast grey wolf in the evening.

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Water forms a small stream that runs down the mudflats and seagrass. The water has a weak sulphur smell and has a powerful mineral taste. The Taste isn’t surprising considering that the dissolved mineral content is one of the higher of the Canadian Springs chloride, sodium, calcium, and sulphate are the main minerals.

A pipe carries water into the main soaking pool, which has three large slab blocks forming the sides and concrete walls for the front and back. Usually, there is a ladder for access to and from the pools and also maybe a plank bench for your clothes. Alge loves the water, so you may have to clean the pool if it hasn’t been used in a while. In summer, horseflies love the spot detracting from you’re soaking experience. Fall, winter, and spring are your Best Bets for insect-free baths. Several other small Springs and pools can be found along the shores of Eucott Bay Hot Springs. The largest is on the southwest side, about 150 M from the narrow entrance to the bay near some rotting pilings. Water up to 41 degrees Celsius heat from the several spots near the high-tide mark. One spring feeds a shallow pool partly made of concrete. Soaking is poor.



Local Natives have used these springs for thousands of years. The clay below the Eucott Bay Hot Springs was mixed with hot water to make arthritis treatment, and the clay was also used as a cleanser and Beauty treatment. Between 1909 and 1981, the Springs were a favorite spot for the residents of Ocean Falls. A former pulp Mill Town situated 20 km to the West. In its Hayday in the 1940s and 50s, the town had over 3,000 residents. Eucott Bay Hot Springs had a few permanent residents who cobbled together Beer Money by fishing for crabs and doing a bit of logging. In those days, the bay had a raft with a floating bathhouse just offshore. And a wooden bathhouse on land. The Pulp Mill that was the life of ocean Falls closed in 1981 today fewer than 200 people remain there. Debate only has a few pilings and some ancient ruins bathtubs as quiet evidence of past development; the extensive and recent logging slash that Fringe uses much of the bay indicates the main modern use of the area.




Don’t forget your crab pots. We are told the crabs are just amazing here!


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