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Elwyn Creek Hot Springs

Along a 500m stretch of Elwyn Creek’s headwaters, there are about ten small hot and warm springs.
The Springs are easy to find and are close to the Timberline. On the southwest side of Elwyn Creek, extensive orange tufa deposits host a series of warm ponds, with a few Warm Springs on the other side.

The water is odourless and clear. It has a high concentration of dissolved minerals, particularly bicarbonate, sodium, and calcium.
A small vent halfway between the creek and the farthest pool produces the hottest water, which is 36 degrees Celsius. This is a meadowed area on Mount Edziza’s northwest flank.

Although the pools are a little cool for soaking, there is plenty of great camping nearby. The location is also a good starting point for exploring the moon’s volcanic landforms and cinder cones on the Raven Plateau, which runs along the mountain’s north and west flanks.



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