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Roch-qui-trempe-à-l’eau Warm Springs

This series of Warm Springs, located on the East Bank of the MacKenzie River, is one of a small number of Springs in the Northwest Territories that may be reached by automobile. Make your way to Fort Simpson first. From there, take Highway 1 north to the tiny hamlet of Wrigley, where you may take a ferry across the MacKenzie River. It’s a 230-kilometer round trip each way.

Other possibilities for getting to Wrigley include flying from Fort Simpson or taking a riverboat ride. Take a boat down the river from Wrigley to The Clips Insults, which are located at the base of the Hill Karma, some 13 kilometres north of Wrigley, throughout the summer. Locals in Wrigley should be able to point you in the right path. In the winter, you should be able to follow the McKenzie River winter road north towards Norman Wells.

The Springs run across a half-kilometer distance from fractures in the bedrock, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. The most significant flow originates on the slope along the river’s edge, where it collects to form a tiny creek just north of the major Rock outcropping. The presence of a somewhat strong sulphur odour could aid in the discovery of the springs. The waters include a high concentration of dissolved minerals, primarily sodium, chloride, and sulphate.








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