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Tallheo Hot Springs

Site 1: 52.206244, -126.937905
Site 2: 52.211624, -126.941273


Tallheo Hot Springs, These Springs are on the South West Shore of the South Bentinck Arm, Southwest of Bensins Island; reach them by boat or floatplane. The Nuxalk people did use a cabin and the Springs for ceremonial purposes. If the site is occupied, you should ask permission before intruding or come at a different time.


Hot water bubbles from the ground along the shoreline north of Hot Springs Creek, for at least 450 m. One cluster of Springs, the most desirable and largest, is about 800 M north-northwest of the mouth of the Hot Spring Creek. Water up to 69 Celsius expenses from the cracks in the Bedrock just above the high-tide line. The water is clear, odorless, and tasteless, with a moderately low content of dissolved minerals, mainly sulphate, sodium, and chloride. There are no soaking pools here.


Crack in the mountain natural hot spring by destination adventure



The other main set of Springs is centered about 400 m North Northwest of hot springs Creek. There was a cabin in the forest about a hundred meters north of the springs, but that has since burned down, and a decent trail leads through the trees to the main soaking pool. It is tucked into a little rocky Grotto about 2 m above the high-tide line. The concrete and rock pools are about 2 m in size and about one meter deep; it’s a perfect temperature for soaking. Cedar boughs and Shrubbery overhang your head as you relax and enjoy the view over the Inlet. On the trail on your way back to the cabin, you might see a hot trickle at the high tide line, the water here 57° C, and is the hottest in the southern group of springs.

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