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Placid Hot Springs & “No Good Warm Springs”

Placid Hot Springs- 50.568646, -123.473878

These hot springs can be found by staying on the Upper Lillooet River Forest Service Road, past the old turnoff to Meager Creek Hot Springs. As the name suggests, these springs are small, despite the source temperature being reported between 40° and 60° C (104° and 140° F); others say they are not hot, Go, Explore, Take Pictures, Temps, Send Them To Us!!

This area was a test site for geothermal exploration tests; during this time too small Springs were found a short distance to meager Creek Hot Springs. Because of their size and location, there are no real soaking abilities or needs due to Meager being so close if you walk up the gravel past Meager Hot Springs toward the creek called Hot Spring Creek that flows into Meager. Keep going for a couple of hundred meters. You’ll find hot water by the creek about half a kilometer past meager hot springs. There are also a couple more vents, a few hundred meters more further Upstream. Apparently, These are the “actual” Placid Hot Springs. 

“No Good Warm Springs” 50.561118, -123.526299

Across the creek from meager Hot Springs about 5 km up directly under Devastator Peak, you’ll find No Good Warm Springs. To get there, travel downstream on Meager Creek, take the bridge across, then Downstream from Meager Creek Hot Springs, continue on the road for half a kilometer until you can make a left turn on the Old Logging Road 50.582233, -123.457312. It follows meager Creek, stay on that road for about 4 kilometers. 50.563101, -123.524442 Now head into the woods towards the Creek 6 small vent come out of the bank onto the Gravel Bar most of them are 20 degrees a couple has been known to reach 40° Celsius they are called No Good Warm Springs because they are exactly that 🙂 happy Hunting.




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