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Sulphur Hot Springs

The Sulphur Creek Path is a 6.4-kilometer fairly frequented out-and-back route with hot springs near Darrington, Washington. The trail is best used from March to November and is mostly used for hiking, walking, nature visits, and bird viewing. This route is also appropriate for dogs.



Although difficult to get, this two-person pool is a relaxing place with views of the old-growth forest and creek.

The trail is generally unmaintained as you head in past the trailhead, so this pool is a great reward for the adventurous hiker.

Turn left at the first fork in the trail. Continue walking upstream after over a log bridge until you reach the pool (the trail can be difficult to follow here). Use the included broom to clean the bottom, then open the pipe to fill it up.

This is a two-person pool with a 90-degree temperature. The water has a sulphur scent, as you might expect.

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