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Weewanie Hot Springs

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Weewanie Hot Springs Park is only accessible by boat. In a semi-sheltered bay with a hot spring and dripping bathhouse. Recreational and commercial boaters use it for hot springs bathing, anchorage, and camping. A pit toilet, picnic area, campsite, and one mooring buoy in the bay are also available. Hunting is not permitted in this park for public safety purposes.

The mainspring is on a steep slope about 20 m above the high-tide line. Hot water and Bubbles from a crack in the Bedrock the water is odorless, tasteless, and has a moderate content of minerals mostly, sulphate and sodium, during periods of heavy rain. The temperature in this spring is noticeably lower than in dry periods. Water is piped down to a small cement block bathhouse on the shore; it has a low ceiling and feels a bit like a bunker but, once you ease into the bathtub, the water is great! Like Bishop Bay, the Springs are popular with boaters and fisherman From Kitimat. It can be very crowded on weekends in the fishing season. There’s a nice area here for camping.

A bathhouse is available for park visitors to soak in the hot springs water. The hot springs water flows out of the ground on the hillside above the bathhouse at a rate of about 11.8 litres per minute. The temperature of the water at the source is approximately 44.7 degrees Celsius, while the temperature in the bathhouse is approximately 38.6 degrees Celsius. The water from the hot springs is not fit to drink.

There are picnic tables, a pit toilet, and a grassy area to set up a tent near the springs. Snorkeling, scuba diving, paddling, and swimming are all possible.

Day of Inception: May 20, 2004

Size of the park: 35 hectares (23 ha upland, 12 ha foreshore)

Weewanie Hot Springs Park is situated 38 kilometres south of Kitimat on the east side of the Devastation Channel. The only way to get there is by sea. Marine Chart #3743 (Douglas Channel) and NTS Map Sheet # 103 H/10 should be included (Devastation Channel).

The name is derived from Weewanie Creek, which is located to the south of the hot springs. The name “Weewanie” is an evolution of a Haisla word that means “many creeks.” The Haisla have traditionally used the spring for hygienic, medicinal, ceremonial, and recreational purposes. [4] Formal paraphrase

Kitimat and Kitamaat Village are the nearest villages to this park.

Visitor Information Centre:

Kitimat Visitor Information Centre
PO Box 214
2109 Forest Avenue
Kitimat, BC, Canada V8C 2G7
Phone: 250 632-6294 or 1-800-664-6554

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