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Radium Hot Springs

GPS: 116.0388°W 50.6349°N

The Radium Hot Springs pools, located in the idyllic Kootenay National Park, have a long history dating back before anyone can remember, but First Nations people speak of the hot springs being a sacred place for them long before the white man arrived.


The first recorded visit to the hot springs was made in 1841 by Sir George Simpson, the governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, who took a bath in a gravel pool just big enough for one person.

Today, the first visitors to the pools would not know them: a big hot pool surrounded by the Sinclair Canyon rock walls, a surprise cold plunge pool and a cool pool for swimming, as well as the on-site Pleiades Spa and Wellness, where qualified therapists will focus on those aching areas.


Thousands of tourists flock to this, Canada’s largest hot springs spa, which is also one of British Columbia’s top natural hot springs. It is colourless and odourless. There, they unwind their exhausted muscles and let the worries of the world float away, if only for a brief moment.


If you’re visiting the nearby Radium golf courses, skiing or snowboarding at Panorama Ski Resort, or simply driving through Kootenay National Park, soaking in Radium Hot Springs is a one-of-a-kind experience that should not be missed!

After soaking in the Radium Hot Springs baths, you’ll want to go there again and again.

Radium Hot Springs mineral water is odorless and transparent, making this hot springs ideal for a relaxing soak.

The Aquacourt at Radium Hot Springs is listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

Radium’s hot springs formed when the earth’s crust fractured along a 2 km-deep fault. Surface water has seeped through this fissure since then, where it is heated by a hot rock near the earth’s center. The pressurized water is returned to the surface at a rate of 1,700 litres per minute, containing over 700 milligrams of minerals per litre.

By 1923, the Canadian government had purchased the hot springs and opened them to the public. Radium Hot Springs quickly became a popular tourist attraction, and many people have since benefited from the calming warmth of these geothermal pools.

The top five minerals discovered in Radium Hot Springs are:

-Sulphate 302 mg/l

-Calcium 135 mg/l

-Bicarbonate 100.8 mg/l

-Silica 31.8 mg/l

-Magnesium 31.6 mg/l

-Water temperature is kept between 37ºC and 40ºC (98ºF and 104ºF).


5420 Highway 93,

 Radium Hot Springs BC V0A 1M0

116.0388°W 50.6349°N

260 km west of Calgary

3 km northeast of the village of Radium Hot Springs on Hwy 93

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