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Nascall Hot Springs


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Nascall Hot Springs is located 48 km northwest of Bella Coola; Nascall Bay is only accessible by boat and plane. 

The remote springs, with a temperature of 44°C (111°F), in 2014, were purchased by James Murdoch, CEO of 21st Century Fox (And Many other things) To be developed into a private resort. Unfortunately, the resort is still currently closed (2021), and the springs are off-limits to the public.

Until about 15 years ago, the Springs were one of the better free soaks on the coast. There was a small bathhouse and old, claw-foot bathtub Spokane was excellent. Today, the Springs are on private land, however, and off-limits to the public. These Springs were once a pleasantly quiet and Scenic spot. But in the late 1990s, serious development work began on this property.

The site now has a tiny Lodge, several cabins at Cottage, a floating restaurant, and a private airstrip. At present, the resort is closed, with only the caretakers present. Plans for a 70-megawatt hydroelectric project on the nearby Mescal River have been shelved temporarily. The harder of the two Springs is about 2 meters above the high-tide line; the water is odorless and tasteless, with a very low content of dissolved minerals( mainly silica, bicarbonate, sodium, and sulfate.) water is pumped into two indoor hot tubs not open to the public. A smaller and cooler spring about 30 m behind the main source (probably now bulldozed for construction). There’s also another on the beach available at low tide. Probably not worth the journey, though.

How To Get Here: Take a boat from Bella Coola. Head westbound along the North Bentinck Arm. After 29 km, turn right (northwest) and travel along the Labouchere Channel for 17.5 km. Continue north into Dean Channel for 5.5 km. The Resort (Speculation home) is on the west side of Dean Channel in Nascall Bay Hot Springs.


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