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Nahanni North Hot Springs

In the Selwyn Mountains, this group of Springs is located on the northeast bank of Lened Creek, about 4 km southeast of Drill Lake. The Springs emerge from the boulders around 400 metres east of the creek, in an area devoid of vegetation, and should be visible from the air. Several mining claims have been filed in the area, and an old adjacent road connects it to the town of tungsten, 50 kilometres southeast. In the winter, snowmobiles may be able to reach the Springs. Two Springs and several smaller drips create a 60 m wide gift in his own.
The water is clear, has a strong sulphur odour, and reaches a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. It has a somewhat low dissolved mineral content and supports a vibrant alge display in the streams. tufa of a tiny size Nearby, there are mounds.



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