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Upper Halfway River Hot Springs

This incredibly elusive soaking spot, known as “Upper Halfway Hot Springs” or “Wholeway Hot Springs,” is nestled far within the Halfway River valley, up a vein ont the mountain side .

Upper Halfway Hot Springs is one of the few natural springs in the area that has not been overcrowded or taken over by BC Parks.

Route #1: Zip Line From The Far Side Logging Road 

  1. Create a zip line harness by combining a pulley, two carabiners, and a backup support line.

  2. Begin with the exact directions for getting to the familiar Halfway Hot Springs. Instead of turning before the Halfway River bridge, cross it and turn right directly onto the forest service road on the other side. Reset your odometer.

  3. At 22.08 kilometers, look for a track to the right. You’ll probably want to set up camp and stay here instead of taking your gear on the upcoming trip. A sound clearing with a fire pit exists.

  4. Walk down to the water, jump up the narrow bank, and see the ruins of the old bridge, but since been demolished. There is a wire that spans the river and connects two trees. Attach the zip line equipment correctly and glide over. This line is no longer preserved. You use it at your own risk!

  5. Go up what’s left of the trail on the other side of the river, veer left, and finally arc right along the brief 1.2 km gap where the trail Dispeares. Despite the fact that there is just a 230-meter elevation rise, this road is often entirely overgrown with ferns and stinging nettle, concealing the shifting rocks.

  6. If you’ve found the springs, you’ll see a shallow pool on the far right side of the stream bed reinforced with cement. Enable the pipe at the bottom to fill before plugging it back up against the rock wall. To get the temperature down to a safe amount, use the available black tubes to siphon water from the creek.

Route Two: Full Day Hike / 3 hours each way)

  1. Begin with the exact directions for getting to the ordinary Halfway Hot Springs, but bypass it.

  2. At the BC Parks sign, reset your odometer.

  3. Continue for about 1.5 km after passing through a creek turn.

  4. After about 2.7 kilometers, take the left fork.

  5. A significant rock slide occurred around 3.75 km, rendering the road impassable for the most part.

  6. The adventure of bushwalking begins. Begin logging your GPS coordinates right away and keep track of the kilometers.

  7. At 0.6 km into the trail, take another left and cross the bridge and creek.

  8. At 1.85 km, you will come to a fork. There is a more obvious trail to the right, but it will take you nowhere near the springs; instead, stay LEFT on the more overgrown path.

  9. You’ll come to a landslide after around 2 kilometers (or 200 meters after starting on this overgrown track), and the trail will now skirt around the right side of the slide.

  10.  The sky is now your guide. Since this was once a path and you are walking through young trees, you can follow the trail by observing the tree heights. Maintain a shortened zone.

  11. An old hand-carved sign for “Wholeway Hot Springs” can be seen at about 5.04 km.

  12. At About 8.25 kilometers, you can meet up with the Route One track. Turning left leads to the old washed-out bridge and zip-line entry. Straight ahead will take you to the springs.

  13. Around 9 km, the trail takes an impressive turn up the hill.


  14. Push through the bushes and cross the clear and rocky creek bed to the springs on the other side around 9.3 km!

GPS Directions–Route 1

  • Exit from Highway – 50.445964,-117.896717

  • Park & take trail down – 50.505384,-117.663263

  •  Zip Line – 50.50366,-117.664466

  • Route 1 and 2 Intersect – 50.502912,-117.663701

  • Upper Halfway River Hot Springs – 50.498748,-117.65495

GPS Directions (Route 2)

  • Exit Highway @ 50.427233,-117.895188

  • Park and walk @ 50.500045,-117.746307

  • Giant Slide @ 50.503504,-117.734233

  • “Whole way Hot Springs” sign @ 50.504218,-117.698212

  • Route 1 and 2 Intersect @ 50.502912,-117.663701

  • Upper Halfway River Hot Springs – 50.498748,-117.65495

These springs are active all year, but the stream that feeds the cooler water runs dry about mid-July. Without this supply of fresh water, the springs are too hot to visit.




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