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Scenic Hot Springs

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Scenic Hot Springs is situated on forty acres of privately owned land in Stevens Pass, Washington State, Not far from the BC border surrounded on all four sides by National Forest. The goal of this private property is to keep it as pristine as possible while yet allowing visitors to enjoy the unique calming and therapeutic experience of soaking in natural hot springs.

Scenic Hot Springs is a nudity-friendly rustic hot spring, as is typical of wilderness hot springs. Within the property, you are free to wear as much or as little clothing as you like for your comfort (including the trails and springs area). However, lewd behaviour (or any behaviour that causes others to be uncomfortable) will not be accepted, and you will be ejected from the premises without recourse.

Permission to visit Scenic Hot Springs HAS to be requested.

In the right-hand sidebar of the website, you’ll find an availability calendar. The maximum number of guests allowed per day is ten. In order to visit, groups of 8 or more must make an exclusive access reservation.
they operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and do not hold space until you have made a reservation and confirmed it. That so, it’s best to book a spot as soon as you receive confirmation that one is available.


providing the needed information, as well as a declaration stating that you and your guests have read the Conditions of Access and agree to follow them. Then, through the website, make a daily donation of $10 per person.

Scenic Hot Springs website/forms

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