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Portage Brûlé Hot Springs

59.655113, -126.951280

Located along the Liard River, rests Portage Brûlé Hot Springs in the Portage Brule Rapids Ecological Reserve was created to protect the hot spring, riverbank, and forest environment. The springs, which have an average temperature of around 39° C (102° F) up to 48 ˚C (118 ˚F), are found approximately 3 km downstream of the mouth of the Coal River.

The Coal River is 57 km North of Liard River Hot Springs on the Alaska Highway. From the store, drive 8km south on the Highway to a pull-out.

Then walk about 1.5 km north to a large storm pipe going down to the nearby

Walkabout 2km along the bank towards the Portage Brûlé Rapids. 125 feet before the rapids, the rock will make you go up on a trail well beaten down by canoers. Keep going along the cliff for approx. 2km more, looking out for yellow rocks and minerals to find the Portage Brûlé Hot Springs.


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