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Olympic Hot Springs

The Olympic Hot Springs Trail is a 34.1-kilometer moderately traveled out-and-back route that has hot springs and is classified as moderate. It is located near Port Angeles, Washington. The trail is best used from May to October and is mostly used for hiking, biking, camping, and backpacking.


The trek is primarily made up of a long abandoned road that has been turned into a wide trail. To encourage plant growth, the old asphalt has been removed and replaced with shredded wood, resulting in a smooth and pleasant route.

The ancient highway gives way to a narrower trail as you get closer to the hot springs. At Crystal Creek, you’ll cross a brand-new suspension bridge. After the bridge, you’ll enter a level meadow at the top of the slope (once a parking lot). Follow your nose to the hot springs and keep right at the fork. Keep an eye out on both sides of the trail, since some of the nicest ponds are hidden among the trees on both sides of the trail.

The main 16 kilometers road to Olympic Hot Springs is closed due to the two washouts, but you can transform it into a day bike uphill with a brief 3.5 kilometer hike to the hot springs, or a weekend bike and hike at a magnificent campground that used to be part of a 1920s resort. Instead of hiking out, get back on your bike and coast the entire way downhill for 16 kilometers. Along the journey, you’ll cross the remains of an old dam with a spectacular perspective of the valley. It’s worth the uphill bike Adventure, believe me.

• There is a cost to enter Olympic National Park. The fees are based on the number of vehicles or motorcycles. The charge is per person if you enter on foot or by bike. A park-specific annual pass is also available. For the most up-to-date rates, please visit the park’s website.

• Pedestrians, bicycles, and leashed dogs are welcome. The Madison Falls parking lot are available, but space is restricted (the path has been updated to reflect this route). The first 9 miles are paved and suitable for bicycling.)

Featured photo by @perksofbeinga_wildflower

Map of the journey



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