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Halcyon Hot Springs Resort

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The hot and warm springs of Halcyon Hot Springs Resort, which are located on the upper deck, are at the heart of Halcyon’s therapeutic powers. There, you may soak up the minerals in the water, float quietly through the warm pool’s jetted swim channel, massage your back in front of the pressure jets, or simply relax beneath the clear mountain skies.

The Sinixt and Ktunaxa aboriginal peoples, who fought in the area, were aware of the springs. Robert Waldron Sanderson was assisted by First Nations people in locating the springs’ source. Sanderson was captain of a steamer or a small catamaran in the Arrow Lakes by 1888. He purchased 400 acres of crown land, which included the springs, in 1890.
In 1924, British Army Brigadier-General Dr. Frederick Burnham, a surgeon, converted the hotel into a sanatorium, prohibiting smoking and alcohol consumption. He maintained the prices low to appeal to both upper- and lower-class customers. The high quantities of lithium in the natural hot springs water at Halcyon earned it international prominence as a health centre, stressing the restorative capabilities of the water. The hotel burned down in 1955, taking Dr. Burnham’s life with it. Mount Burnham, which is located across from the resort, bears his name. The site was abandoned due to a lack of road access.
In 1998, a lodge, cabins and hot pools were built, and opened the following year.

Today, there’s so much to see and do at Halcyon Hot Springs Village and Spa, including a lake, mountains, natural hot springs, wilderness, comfort, fun, and peace. Discover the West Kootenays’ natural beauty.
On those hot summer days, the crystal-clear Arrow Lake beckons a dip (or a swim). Rentals are offered for canoes, SUP paddle boards, and kayaks.


The Lithia Waters at Halcyon Hot Springs offer a unique combination of minerals that are incredibly calming and good for a range of ailments. Fresh hot spring water is continuously pumped into the pools. While gazing out over tranquil Arrow Lake and the Monashee Mountain range, relax and revitalise in the natural mineral spring pools. Stay a little longer at the springs and settle into one of the lovely cabins, magnificent cottages, or Spectacular chalets.


The Kingfisher Restaurant serves excellent cuisine, and the Spa at Halcyon offers relaxing treatments. The resort is open all year, and the winters are especially beautiful thanks to the neighbouring world-class skiing.



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