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Godlin (Ekwi) Hot Springs

This trinity of outlets is situated on the Godlin River’s south bank, slightly upstream from its confluence with the Ekwi River.
Local game hunters and First Nations tribes are familiar with the Springs, which are remote and difficult to access without a helicopter. Paddlers on the Ekwi River periodically stop here, dedicating a break day to walk many kilometres from their camp. The terrain is steep at spots, so hikers should bring a rope. The largest and hottest spring, with a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius, flows directly into the river from the riverbank’s base, and is frequently inaccessible or even flooded when the river level is high.

Two other Springs seep from the top of the River Bank these are smaller and cooler than the mainspring. All three Springs are colorless and odorless and the total flow is large. These Springs are very salty as a result they have the highest mineral content of all Canada’s Hot Springs.



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