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Frizzell Hot Springs

54.205549, -129.853659

Frizzell Hot Springs

To get there, If you are coming from Terrace, push West on Highway 16 to a public boat launch approximately 6.4 km west of the bridge over the khyex River.

If you are coming from Prince Rupert, the boat launch is 1.6 km east of where Highway 16 passes under the power line.

Both drives are spectacular, particularly in good weather. The Springs are direct across Skeena from the boat launch, about 2.5 km across. They are not apparent from the water. The approach is for experienced boaters only because the Skeena is huge Swift and muddy waters; because the river has a tide here, it is best to do this on the rising tide.

Land your boat around here 54.206580, -129.869171 on the river bank. Be sure to take into consideration there is a tide, and you will not want your boat high and dry if you are unable to carry it. From here, go 50 – 60 feet downstream to a makeshift boardwalk. that will lead you on a few short minute walk to the Frizzell Hot springs.



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The Frizzell Hot Springs is about a hundred yards in from the riverbank in a little hollow spot on the mountain side. Hot water expenses from the closely spaced Vents and forms a small flow at about 40c that runs down to the Mudflats of the river. The Springs are odorless; there is one platform with a nice deep tub on the hillside the water is piped into it. Lots of large trees towering you while you soak

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Some history about Frizzle Hot Springs in the early days of the last century the area at the junction of the river was a thriving Cannery town the Springs were just 8km up River, and we’re very popular with the Japanese fisherman which was what made up most of the town in the late 1920s the Springs were bought by George Frizzell the businessman from the area he was the first to build a bathhouse



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