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Angel Warm Springs

(6.5 km round trip) The trailhead is approximately 1 km along Little White Forest Service Road (1km after the pavement ends). A parking lot is on the right, and a trail is on the left. The path winds through a lovely forest and an inukshuk garden. The first 3/4 mile (at the very least) is uphill. Through the foliage, you catch a few glimpses of the magnificent Myra Canyon.
When we first saw them, the springs were a huge letdown.
This is a nice walk for those of average fitness. You’re often in a wooded environment with sun protection.
It’s not hot enough to dive, but there are some fascinating mineral deposits.


The trail takes about 1 hour each way (6.5 km round trip) and the entrance to the trail is about 1km up Little White Forest Service Road (1km after the pavement ends). There’s a parking lot on the right and a trail on the left.

An amazingly picturesque hike through a canyon, along a stream all the way. With the fresh snow it was a postcard. A winter walk that requires poles or cleats due to many slippery sections. Criss crossed the stream a few times, and a couple of steps through the ice bridge for me, grateful for the proper gear on this hike.



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